Work experience

Sleek Customer Acquisition

Introducing a customer qualifying flow to optimize our acquisition process and gain a better understanding our customer needs. This initiative aims to assist our internal sales representatives to follow up and engage with customers more effectively.

Key information
My involvement
Competitive analysis, user flows, copywriting, prototyping, iterative refinement
Key considerations
User drop-off behaviour
Current data reveals a consistent decline in user engagement as they move through the  flow, particularly at the checkout page.
Re-engagement strategy
Introducing a strategic contact information collection point in the flow to enhance follow-up efforts and boost conversion rates.
Continuity from website
Customising the flow to ensure continuity from the website CTAs and deliver more relevant information to users.
The problem

Internal sales team lacks visibility for lead prioritisation and struggles to follow up effectively.

Introducing a customer qualifying flow enables us to assess their general requirements and present information in a tailored and meaningful way.

How might we profile incoming leads to enhance outreach efforts within the current capabilities of the sales team?

Designing user flow by entry point

Formulating a hypothesis about customer's comprehension of services based on their interactions with CTAs on the home page versus the package pages, aiming to customise the user flow accordingly.
Hypothesis 1
Users entering from the home page may be uncertain or less informed about which services are most relevant and necessary for them. So the user flow is more comprehensive to guide them through the process of incorporating a company.
Hypothesis 2
By selecting a package, users make informed decisions about their desired services. As a result, the user flow is shortened to allow them to review their selections sooner.
Qualifying question 1

Focused priorities

Gauging a user's timeline for registering their business allows us to prioritise leads and follow up more effectively with users who have a higher urgency to get their business operational.
Qualifying question 2

Customised assistance

Screening users without local directors to customise the user flow and offer specialised services for navigating local regulatory compliance.