Bootcamp Case Study


A platform connecting remote workers with cafe owners, creating mutual benefits by matching remote workers with suitable cafe spaces and helping cafe owners attract more customers.

The problem

Remote workers struggle to find appropriate cafes to work from

Cafes offer an affordable and flexible alternative workplace for remote and self-employed workers, but they often experience anxiety about potential rejection or feeling unwelcome in these spaces.
Key information
Project nature
UX bootcamp project
+ handoff to software engineering bootcamp team for development
My involvement
Background & user research, wire framing, prototyping, usability testing, building project components and documentation for handoff
2 weeks from research to handoff

How might we connect remote workers with the right cafes to optimise workspace options and boost cafe businesses?

Case for a mutually beneficial situation
Workers worldwide prefer a hybrid work model.
Accenture Future of Work Study, 2021
1 in 15
People in Singapore's workforce are self-employed.
Labour Force in Singapore, 2020
Cafes shut down within 5 years of operation.
gobusiness Singapore, 2023
Usability insight

Associate information and action

Usability testing revealed that users easily associated the scan button with collecting points, but not redeeming points.

As a result, the iterated prototype included separate 'Collect' and 'Redeem' buttons under the points tracker, grouping related actions with the relevant information.
Consolidated directory of verified cafes welcoming remote workers
Earn points on every purchase and use them for discounts later
Invite friends to the platform and earn rewards